We offer training in 4 different Laser classes. All you need is your own gear and at least one year of competitive sailing.

Laser 4.7

Intended for children up to 18 years of age. Layline team has 5 sailors competing in laser 4.7 class.

Laser Radial

Women Olympic class. Layline team has 2 sailors competing in Laser Radial class.

Laser Standard

Laser Standard is men's Olympic class. Layline team has one active sailor sailing Laser Standard class.

Laser Bahia

Laser Bahia is a recreation two-seater. We use it for sailing school as it's perfect to experience and learn the basics of sailing.

Layline team training

Would you like to join one of our training sessions but don't know what to expect? Let me paint you a picture. You can join our training sessions at anytime. You will be sailing with run-in team of sailors. We will provade you with a safe space to store your gear on land during. But that is not your only option. we can also provide you with accomodationand and make sure, you will not go hungry. Layline team gets up in the morning, puts on our running shues and goes for a run. Running wakes us up much faster so we are prepared for an active day on the water. After morning run, breakfast is served. After breakfast, we kame our way down to the sailing club. If the wheater allows it, we get our gear together, prepare our boats and change our clothes. on water, we are under the watchful eye of our trainer uroš.


  • Coach + place to store your gear: 35€/day per person
  • All inclusive (coach + accommodation + food): 70€/weekend per person


  • Your own gear
  • Completed advanced class and at least a year competitive experiences


He not only has the highest license for a trainer, but he also has a bachelors degree in Kinesiology from Faculty of sport. He was also a very competitive sailor himself and participated n high ranking competitions himself. That means, he understands the sport very well and can bring a lot of hit expertise to the training sessions. he makes a plan and can tailor it to the individual's needs.  But our training sessions are more than just sailing. If there is no wind (or too much for that matter) we kame sure we are physically prepared for when we go sailing the next time. We start off with running and then have our fitness training. Usually somewhere in nature. We always make sure you will not be thirsty or hungry on the water when we return to our stay for the night we prepare a delicious meal. Soon, we are tired and go to bed. That way, we are prepared for the next day of adventures.