Optimist is the smallest racing sailboat, intended for learning basics of recreational and competitive sailing


Every trainer and sailor are welcome to participate under the condition, that you have your own boat and other gear, ability to swim and completed advance sailing lesson.

Sailing school

The sailing school is intended for all children aged between 6 and 15 years of age, who want to learn basics of sailing or just spend their free time in a new way. We organize a sailing school in cooperation with these clubs:


What can you expect from training with Layline team? Nothing but the best. Our trainer Uroš began hit successful sports carrier sailing in Optimist.  This enables him, to prepare a training site for our youngest sailors. Not only on water. Everything from fitness training to make sure to avoid injuries, to making sure sailors are physically and mentally prepared. Not only while sailing in the Optimist class, but also when they grow up and move on to bigger classes. Last but not least, it is vital that sailors have fun while learning.


  • coach+ place for your gear: 20€/day per person
  • All inclusive (coach+ accomodation+ food): 50€/weekend per person

That not only benefits them while sailing but in life in general. We try to encourage them to keep an active life even after they have (or not) moved on from sailing or being an active sportsman. Every morning we begin with a morning run and a breakfast. We always make sure sailors never go thirsty or hungry while on the water. in the evening we prepare them a healthy dinner and then it's time to go to bed. Because we are very active during the day, we have no trouble going to bed early. That enables us to begin every day full of energy and regenerated.



  • you have your own gear
  • completed advanced lessons
  • ability to swim