Trening SeaScape First 18

Do you want to:

  • diversify your training and get to a new level of sailing?
  • give your pupils a new experience? (TRAINERS)
  • share your love of sailing while competing against them?

The detailed daily plan will be adjusted according to weather conditions. 5 hours of sailing is expected each day, but we have other activities planned. Destinations offer many options for short excursions, we will have organized recreation to wind down for the day or start a new one actively.


Sailing school SeaScape First 18


Did you:

  • pass your boat license, but want more than just getting from marina to marina?
  • go sailing with friends last year, but want to know what is that green rope for?
  • sail for the last decade, know your sea, but want that little extra knowledge?

In 4 day class, we will teach you about the theory behind sailing and get you to the point, where you can conquer the seas by your self. We understand that you come from different backgrounds and want to learn different aspects of sailing, so we will listen to your expectations and tailor school for you.

Rent-a-SeaScape First 18