We need a partner that is not afraid to cross an ocean to achieve his goals

You can read more about sponsoring the Layline team at the Mini Transat 2023 regatta below.

The first step to victory

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean is a significant physical and mental challenge. For a competitor to focus only on the sports aspect, he also needs a solid financial background. Although we have already bought an excellent racing sailboat (Ashika), which will be crucial for a safe and successful adventure, it is necessary to include regular training, a lot of sailing and personal equipment and countless kilometres on the road. This is not possible without the support of sponsors, who will, in exchange for a financial contribution, be part of our story and, with our help, establish or increase their visibility in the French and Slovenian markets.


  • The goal of the entire project is the Mini-Transat regatta that will take place in France in 2023.
  • French sailing is renowned as a pinnacle in ocean sailing, and the Mini Transat is one of the most important ocean races. In France, sailing competes with football in popularity and attracts millions of spectators.
  • With the Guinness World Record-breaking project, we have already proven that we can achieve great media results with a relatively simple campaign that tells an honest and exciting story.
  • We expect the costs to be around € 100,000 by the start of the regatta. The amount includes improvements to the racing boat, covering the costs of travel, insurance, entry fees and training.
  • Above all, we want to find a strong main sponsor or partner who would invest € 30,000 or more in the project. But, of course, we will be happy to receive any small contribution.

How do we see our partnership?

As our part of the bargain in this partnership, we offer the main sponsor:

  • The use of branding (logos, names) on the most visible places – the sails and hull (as, for example, AdriaMobil represented in the pictures below),
  • promoting your brand and products following a plan that we will put together to achieve your business goals,
  • assistance in achieving business goals in the French / Slovenian markets,
  • help in maintaining the health of employees (professionally prepared lectures on exercise in the workplace and methods to prevent injuries),
  • two extended weekends or three times two days of sailing with Uroš, the project leader and future Mini Transat sailor,
  • learning to sail for young people – the children of employees,
  • the possibility of participating in individual regattas as spectators, which in similar projects proved to be an excellent opportunity for a different meeting with business partners,
  • media material for the promotion and presentation of your company from the hands of an experienced media team that is part of this project and
  • participation in your advertising campaigns and a strong presence on social networks and other media.

More minor sponsors will also be presented as a recognisable part of the team, using the company logo on the genoa (foresail), boom and stern of the boat.

If the main sponsor covers more than € 40,000, they will have the opportunity to name the entire project and style the boat with the company’s colours, motifs and logo!

As we are aware that (especially the main) sponsor is an indispensable part of success, we want to adjust the final conditions of cooperation to common wishes. Together we will make the above facts a reality that will suit everyone. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

An example of a themed racing boat